Hypertrace Newsletter July 2021

Hypertrace Newsletter July 2021

What's happening in Hypertrace world this July?

What is the one thing that made you happy recently?

I was submitting CFPs for some of the in-person conferences happening later this year and that little sense of normalcy and excitement of attending in-person events soon made me very happy!

Will you be attending some of these events? How are you feeling about that? Share your excitement with us by replying to this mail.

Okay, let’s just make things more exciting by going through some exciting Hypertrace updates, shall we?

If you have any questions around Hypertrace or you are evaluating Hypertrace and want some help getting started, feel free to join our slack community and reach out to me or any other member from our team. You can also post your questions in GitHub discussions or create a GitHub issue for feature request.

Thank you for being an amazing community member and stay tuned for more exciting Hypertrace updates in the coming month!

Take care and stay safe.

About author
Jayesh is a founding engineer/ Product Manager at TraceableAI and he is building Hypertrace. He loves reading and you can find him on twitter and linkedin to discuss anything around tech.
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