Hypertrace Newsletter August 2021

Hypertrace Newsletter August 2021

What's happening in Hypertrace world this August?

Are you taking enough time to appreciate yourself and what you got?

I started this new meditation routine last week about appreciating what you have and being grateful for people in your life and it feels really good. Also took a small vacation to replenish my soul and to be honest, I am back with pretty good ideas and fresh perspectives around a lot of things in my life and work.

Talking about fresh things, you might be wondering what’s fresh in the Hypertrace world? Let’s talk about it, shall we?

If you have any questions around Hypertrace or you are evaluating Hypertrace and want some help getting started, feel free to join our slack community and reach out to me or any other member from our team. You can also post your questions in GitHub discussions or create a GitHub issue for feature request.

Thank you for being an amazing community member and stay tuned for more exciting Hypertrace updates in the coming month!

Take care and stay safe.

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Jayesh is a founding engineer/ Product Manager at TraceableAI and he is building Hypertrace. He loves reading and you can find him on twitter and linkedin to discuss anything around tech.
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